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BIC World careers | Welfare Officer – If You are Looking for Jobs in Uttarakhand, Check out this Welfare Officer Job vacancy in Uttarakhand.

To develop and improve the worker’s administration and training and development in a factory.

Duties And Responsibilities

  • To advise on provision of welfare facilities and amenities such as Creche, OHC, Ambulance, Health and Hygiene, provision of washroom and washing facilities, drinking water, restroom.
  • Maintain and look after surroundings and proper hygiene through Housekeeping in a plant.
  • To bring to the notice of the factory management the grievances of workers, individual as well as collective, with a view of securing their expeditious redress and to act as a liaison officer between the management and labor.
  • Coordination with female workers.
  • Training & Development for BIC Cello workers
  • Regular training as per usual development plan
  • Identifies the situations and projects on-site which require training back-up and support, updates the job description and standard training plan with the dedicated central and local team.
  • To arrange committee meetings and maintain a record of the meetings as per compliance.
  • To look after employee engagement activities as per the engagement calendar
  • Communication – updating of the notice board and miscellaneous services, awareness sessions, counseling to workers.
  • Security Management
  • Supporting recruitment for Haridwar factory.
  • Upkeep of all records related to welfare and training